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Making your page

...the easy way


Please select from the drop-down list a namespace for your page. Recommended namespaces are:

  • projectsfor describing your projects (e.g. games, etc).
  • reviewsfor reviewing relevant software, websites, books, etc.

After you've picked your namespace, enter your page name in the text box. This can be just about anything, but for style reasons it's nice to keep it fairly short. You can see from the top of this page that the page title is 'newpage', in the namespace 'tutorials'.

...the old-school way

The draditional way of making a page in DokuWiki is really simple, once you get used to it. All you have to do is create a link to a non-existing page, click on the link to create the page, and then begin editing.

Here is an example:

The code for this was:

  * [[projects:my_project_example|this is my new project page]]

Here is how it worked:

  • A link is denoted by the double square braces.
  • A ‘|’ (pipe) in the link means the text to the left is the page name (projects:my_project_example), while the text to the right is a link description (“this is my new project page”).
  • If the page name has a colon ‘:’, the text to the left is the namespace (think directory) while the text to the right is the pagename (think file). In the above example, the page ‘my_project_example’ will be created in the ‘projects’ namespace (which is a good place for a projects page).

This last point is worth reiterating: When creating your page, please use a sensible namespace. By this I mean you should not put your tutorials directly into the wiki root directory, but in the tutorials namespace. It's all about keeping things neat.

But where to create your link? If you're making a tutorial, the place to put your link is on the tutorials page. Similarly for projects, reviews, links, etc.

Once you've made your link, hit 'save page', click on the link, hit 'create page', and begin typing. It's that easy.


If you're still unsure how I've done this, hit the 'edit this page' button (if you're logged-in) or 'view page source' button (if you're not) to see the source for this page. All the tricks will be revealed.

Fancy formatting, images, etc

If you'd like to do something more fancy, like add a table, images, lists, bold text, italics, headings, or even footnotes 1), please consult the DokuWiki syntax guide. It's really easy to follow.

Terms and conditions

Please browse the rules page before making a new page. You don't want to make the admin grumpy!

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