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The Script Editor

The script editor window, shown below, is L3DT's default script editing interface. It is opened via the script toolbar button (shown below), the 'Scripts→Edit script' menu item, or through the Edit button in the script manager window.

:l3dt:userguide:toolbar:scripticon.png The Edit script toolbar icon.

Whichever way you get there, the script editor should look like this:

The script editor

The menu options are described below:

File menu

The 'File' menu allows you to open or save script files.

Default script directory

The default directory used by L3DT to store scripts is:

Vista / Win7 C:\User\[user name]\L3DT\Resources\[version]\Scripts\
WinXP / 2000 C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\L3DT\Resources\[version]\Scripts\

Build menu


The 'Build→Compile' menu option will attempt to compile (but not run) the current script in the editor, and report any errors encountered.


The 'Build→Run' menu option will compile and run the current script in the editor. Script output and/or errors will be reported in the event log.

Tools menu

Function browser

To view the list of available functions, select the 'Tools→Function browser' menu option in the script editor. This will open the 'function browser' window, which is explained on the atFuncBrowser wiki page.

Help with writing scripts

Scripting references

ZeoScript For help with writing ZeoScript scripts for L3DT, please refer to the ZeoScript reference page.
Python For help with writing Python scripts for L3DT, please refer to the cdPython plugin page.

Forum support

If you can't find the information you want regarding scripting, please ask for help in the help and support forum. [That's what it's there for.]

Using other editors

To edit scripts in other text editors, rather than L3DT's default script editor, please refer to the 'Set preferred editor' option in the 'Scripts' menu.

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