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The Scripts Menu

The 'Scripts' menu, shown below, allows you to run, edit or otherwise manage the scripts installed with L3DT. The options are discussed below.

The script menu.

Script manager

The 'Script manager' menu item opens the script manager window, which allows you to create, load, edit, remove and sort scripts.

New script

To create a new script, select the 'New script' menu item. This will open L3DT's default script editor window, from which you can write, run and save your new script.

You can also create new scripts using the script manager.

Edit script

To edit a script, select the 'Edit script' menu item. This will open the select script to edit window, shown below.


In this window, select the script you wish to edit, and press OK. This will open your preferred script editor (as set by the 'Set preferred editor' option, discussed below), of if you have not set a preferred editor, it will open the script in L3DT's default script editor window.

Set preferred editor

If you would prefer to use an external text editor program to edit your scripts, rather than the default script editor window, you can set your preferred editor using the 'Set preferred editor' menu option. This will open a file-open dialog box, such as that shown below, in which you may select the text editor application executable.


After setting your preference, whenever you use the 'Edit script' option in the script menu, or the 'Edit' button in the script manager window, L3DT will call your preferred application to open and edit the script file.

To revert to using L3DT's default script editor, select the 'Set preferred editor' menu option, then click 'cancel' in the file open dialog, and when asked 'Clear filename?', click 'yes'.

Script 'quick run' list

The script 'quick run' list, highlighted below, lists the scripts installed with L3DT. To run any of the scripts, simply select them from the list.


The list will only include the first 10 scripts listed in the script manager window; if more scripts are installed, you will be able to run them using a 'More scripts…' menu item that will appear at the bottom of the quick run list.

The 'Up' and 'Dn' (down) buttons in the script manager window can be used to sort useful scripts to the top of the list, and less useful scripts to the bottom.

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