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Plugin information

Author Aaron
Description A plugin to resize mosaic map tiles to include an extra row and column of data from neighbouring tiles.
Menu option 'Extensions→atGrowTilesByOne→Grow tile sizes by one'
Download link Included with L3DT.
Source code Over here

If you want to make tile edges line up, but you don't want to increase the tile size, please try the duplicate tile borders option.

To do list

  1. Nothing right now.


2008/12/03 — Updated to Zeolite version 2.6.1

2007/01/20 — Updated to work with non-mosaic maps (with v2.5 beta build 6.)

2006/11/20 01:37 — Updated to fix x = max, y = max edges (were set to zero.)

2006/11/16 09:44 — Source released.

2006/11/15 06:42 — Binary released.

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