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General plugins

Optional/new plugins not included with L3DT installer

Plugin Author(s) Description
cdPython Carldt Python scripting plugin.

Official plugins included with L3DT installer

Plugin Author(s) Description
7zWrap Aaron A wrapper plugin for calling 7-Zip for archive/extract operations.
atExportArea Aaron Implements the 'File→Export→Selected area' operation in L3DT.
atExportOverlappedTiles Aaron Implements the 'File→Export→Export overlapped tiles' operation in L3DT.
atFuncBrowser Aaron A plugin to display the list of available Zeolite API extension functions.
atGeoRef2 Aaron Georeferencing plugin.
atGrowTilesByOne Aaron A plugin to resize mosaic map tiles to include an extra row and column of data from neighbouring tiles.
atImportMap Aaron Implements the 'File→Import→Custom map layer' operation in L3DT.
atScriptEditor Aaron Implements the script editor window in L3DT.
atSpringWizard Aaron Provides a nice wizard GUI for making Spring maps.
atViewShowMapDlg Aaron Implements the 'show map' dialog box in L3DT.
CopyPaste Aaron Implements the copy and paste operations in L3DT.
L3DTio_Backup Aaron Undo / backup plugin for L3DT.
ZeoScript Aaron Implements the 'ZeoScript' script language used by L3DT.
ZeoWrap Aaron Implements certain ZeoScript functions.
ZlibWrap Aaron Zeolite wrapper for certain zlib functions.
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