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Pin types

Each pins has a data type that identifies the type of information it can send or receive (exception: variant pins). You can find the type of each pin (as well as its current value) by hovering the mouse over the pin. For example, on the 'ResizeMap' filter shown below, the data type of the 'Width' input pin is int (meaning integer, or if you prefer, whole numbers).

Finding the type (int) and value (1024)
of the 'Width' pin.

The table below describes the most common pin data types that you will encounter, and lists their corresponding display colour:

Pin type Display colour Editable? * What is it?
hvar Red No! A 'handle to a variable', which is typically used to pass around map data or file format data.
int Green Yes An 'integer', or whole number.
float Aqua Yes A 'floating point number', or decimal number.
string Yellow Yes A string of text characters, such as “Hello world!”
bool Blue Yes A boolean value, such as 'true' or 'false', or 1 or 0.
mapid Black Yes A map type number (defined in L3DT). To choose from a valid range, double-click on the input pin.
variant Grey No! An undefined variable type. The pin type is usually determined at the time of connection to another pin.

* Most input pin types can be edited manually, but some cannot. In such cases, the input pin value can only be set by connecting the pin to an output pin of another filter.

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