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Plugin information

Author Aaron
Formats Spring map files (SMF and SMT)
Download link Included with L3DT Pro or later.
Source code L3DTio_Spring-src.zip
Source license LGPL 2.1
Last update v2.7.2.0, released 18th of April 2008.
Dependencies L3DT Pro v2.7 build 7, ZeoScript v2.7.2.0, L3DTio_SMF v2.7.2.0, L3DTio_SMT v2.7.2.0, L3DTio_SMD v2.5.3.2, 7zWrap v2.5.4.0 and 7-Zip v4.57 (or later versions thereof).

Using L3DTio_Spring

Exporting Spring maps

Please consult the Making Spring maps with the 'L3DTio_Spring' plugin tutorial for a guide to exporting maps with this plugin.

Importing Spring maps

To import existing Spring maps, decompress the SD7 archive using 7-Zip. then use the 'Extensions→L3DTio_Spring→Import→SMF' option to load the Spring Map File. This will also load the SMT. The resulting L3DT project will contain:

  • A heightfield
  • A texture
  • A mini-map
  • A metal map
  • A type map
  • A grass (vegetation) map
  • A tile map (SMT addressing; not to be edited)

To-do list

  • Nothing at present.


2009/04/18 — Released v2.7.2.0 (with L3DT v2.7 build 7), with inverted y-axis.

2008/06/09 — Released v2.5.4.0 (with L3DT v2.5.4.3), for compatibility with ZeoScript v2.5.4.1.

2008/02/05 — Released v2.5.3.3 (with L3DT v2.5.2.29), with support for grass, geovents, trees and custom features.

2008/01/18 — Released v2.5.3.2 (with L3DT v2.5.2.27), with updated SMD plugin, support for type maps, and support for SD7 archives.

2007/12/30 — Released v2.5.3.0 (with L3DT v2.5.2.24), with new SMD plugin.

2007/07/29 — Updated to bake metal patches onto texture and metal map.

2007/07/12 — Released source code under LGPL.

2007/06/30 — Released.

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