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L3DT release 2.7

Released on the 28th of February, 2009 (see announcement)

Major features


  • Added support for multi-level 'undo', with CTRL+Z support and an 'undo' toolbar button.
  • Modified L3DTio_Backup:
    • Don't backup maps that aren't initialised (instead flag that they are to be freed on record revert).
    • Backup project settings (using flag).
    • Auto-delete records on plugin shutdown to reduce disk spam.
    • Support undo for simultaneous brush editing of multiple maps (e.g. TX and AM in TX brush).
    • 'Backup' option now clears all previous undo records.
    • 'Restore' option now recurses through all undo records, up to last restore point.
    • Record stack is trimmed when longer than user-definable limit (default is 20).
    • Added a toolbar button to enable/disable automatic backup point for undo, and added get/set functions for said flag in L3DTio_Backup plugin, to be used by other plugins.
  • Added automatic 'undo' backup to:
  • Added menu/toolbar options for:
    • 'Undo' in L3DT and Sapphire.
    • 'Enable undo' menu option (checked by default), with warning for memory usage &c.
    • 'Clear undo history' menu option.
  • Other:
    • Added 'view.RefreshMap [lpMapName]' function to allow zoom to be retained when undoing during map edit.
    • Added callback in edit record to refresh Sapphire TX/HF on undo/restore.
    • Hid file save progress bars during mouse brush strokes [includes updates to atExportArea].

ZeoScript improvements

  • Added 'if' / 'else' / 'endif' support.
  • Added 'do' / 'while' support.
  • Support auto-casting of variable types.
  • Added more core functions:
    • Math functions (sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, pow, sqrt, log, log10)
    • More map functions (Init, Free, GetPixel, SetPixel, GetFlag, SetFlag)
    • Progbox functions (ShowWnd, HideWnd, SetTitle, SetProgress)
    • File helper functions (GetExt, GetDir, GetFilenameNoDir, GetFilenameNoExt, FileExists)
    • File i/o functions (fopen, fclose, ftell, fseek, rewind, fwrite, fread)
    • Buffer functions (InitByType, Free, nItems, MemSize, ItemSize, ItemType, SetValue, GetValue)
    • 'GetScriptFilename' function.
    • 'GetLineNo' function.
    • 'isdef' functions.
    • 'RunScriptFile' function, to allow scripts to run other scripts.
    • 'return' function.
    • 'view.GetActiveMap' function.
  • Changes to previous behaviour:
    • Added support for literals in 'setv' intrinsic.
    • Re-mapped 'set' to point to 'setv' (was 'seta').
    • Removed 'newset' intrinsic.
    • Corrected line numbers for goto by including empty code lines.
  • Add memory stack to scripts to allow variable scoping.
  • Added 'undo' support to example scripts where appropriate.
  • Updated example scripts for above changes.

Activation module bug-fixes

  • Provided 'L3DT will now exit' notification before shutting down following a failed activation attempt.
  • Provided a more descriptive message to indicate free update period has elapsed.
  • Removed generally meaningless error messages (e.g. “Name '44' is already taken”).
  • Fixed activation problem for Carl B. (via e-mail).
  • Include 'KeyReset.exe' utility in installer, to nuke keys in case of error.

Other features


  • Added AVI capture support (see examples).
  • Added selected area display in Sapphire (see image).
  • Removed topmost status for Sapphire to fix Z-order problem with attributes map brush.
  • Added toolbar.

OS support (or lack thereof)

L3DT Standard Edition

  • Allow high-res textures up to 32x (same as Pro).

Update manager improvements

  • Automatically check for updates, with user-changeable period (never|monthly|fortnightly|weekly|daily|each session)
  • Provide modeless pop-up notification when updates are available.

User interface

  • Added consistent 'on-line help' syslink to control windows & wizards.
  • Re-designed wizards to be more intuitive (algorithms and hfsize) (FIXME: update docs)
  • Display plugin name in format info within file preferences dialog box.
  • Added 'Operations→Active map→Resize map' option.
  • Added 'File→Import→Texture map' menu option.
  • Added calculation progress text to main window.
  • Removed defunct 'Utilities→Read file header' option.

New/improved plugins

Path changes

  • Moved resources to '[HOMEDIR]\L3DT\resources\[version]\'
  • Moved logs to '[HOMEDIR]\L3DT\logs\[version]\'
  • Added start menu links to extensions, logs and resources folders (see here).
  • Updated uninstaller to remove more logs & setting files.

Plugin API

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the horizontal scale calculation in L3DTio_BT plugin when importing terrain encoded with lat/lon extents in degrees (see this thread).
  • Fixed bug in atMergeMap plugin that failed to set MAPFLAG_SAVED to true for mosaic heightmaps (see this thread).
  • Fixed bug in resizing design map.
  • Modified DM resize wizard so that it doesn't resize the map when only changing the horizontal scale.
  • CMosaicMap::ExportMap now forces blank tiles to be written (see this post).


  • Added option to bake texture onto lightmap (see request).
1) area selective too.
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