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General pane

The General tab is simple; it lets you edit the display name and display colour of the land type, and toggle whether it is enabled in the climate calculations.

These settings are described below:

Type name

Each land type must have a name, and preferably one that is descriptive of its appearance (though this is not a requirement).

The following characters are illegal in land type names: . , < > / ” '

The name of each land type must be unique in each climate. Thus you cannot have two land types named 'grass' in one climate…

…however, the same name may be used for two land types in different climates. Thus you can have land types named 'grass' in two different climates.


The enabled flag specifies whether a land type will be included in the land type assignment calculation, and thus whether it will appear in the attributes map, texture map, alpha maps, and if bump-mapping is enabled, the light map. This flag may be set either by using the enabled checkbox in the land type editor (see image above), or by using the enable or disable buttons on the climate editor.

If you enable or disable a land type, it is strongly recommended that you re-generate the attributes map before you proceed to generate the light map or texture map. Failure to do so may result in obscure errors.

Display colour

The display colour of a land type specifies what colour it will appear in the attributes map display (see example). This colour does not affect the colour of the land type as it appears in the texture map, as this is determined by the selected material for the land type (see the Appearance tab).

The display colour is set using the 'Display col.' button.


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