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Fixes for heightfield tools, and other things

Hi Everyone,

on the Pro downloads page now, you will find L3DT Professional 16.05 developmental build 5 (64-bit), which fixes a few problems with the heightfield tools in the Sapphire 3D viewer/editor:

  • There was a vertical offset of around 25 pixels between the position of the mouse cursor on the screen and the position of the 3D brush tool on the terrain (see bug report).
  • The point grab tool initially lowered the terrain a long way, before allowing the user to raise/lower the terrain.
  • The 'undo' feature did not properly revert changes when editing with large brush sizes near to the eastern edge of the terrain. This particularly affected the bulldozer, leveller, and level at tools.

These problems have now been fixed.

Additionally, the user interface for the bulldozer tool has been updated a little, and now shows where the terrain will be raised (blue lines), and where it will be lowered (red lines):

New bulldozer tool display

Lastly, I fixed a fault in the installer that prevented a number of menu scripts from installing properly. These scripts now enable the following menu commands:

  • 'Operations→Heightfield→Add height', for adding (or subtracting) a uniform amount of height for the whole map.
  • 'Operations→Heightfield→Multiply', for scaling the height values of the heightfield.
  • 'Operations→Heightfield→Invert', for inverting the height range so that low becomes high, and vice versa.
  • 'Operations→Heightfield→Clamp', for re-scaling the height of the map to fit between a user-defined minimum and maximum height.
  • 'Operations→Heightfield→Generate contour maps', for generating a contour map image from the heightfield.
  • 'Operations→Alpha maps→Clear alpha maps', for clearing all alpha maps in the project.
  • 'Extensions→Sapphire→Sapphire debug script', for performing diagnostics on the Sapphire 3D renderer.

As always, please use use the forum to report any faults or make suggestions, or contact aaron@bundysoft.com.

Best regards, Aaron.

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