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Connecting filters

When a graph is running, data is passed through connections between the input and output pins of the filters in the graph. These connections are symbolically represented by a connecting line between pins, such as in the example below where the output pin on the 'Perlin' filter is connected to the input pin on the 'SetRange' filter:

A connection between to filters' pins.

For a guide on how to connect pins, please refer to the connecting pins page.

Which pins to connect?

You do not need to connect all of a filter's input or output pins for it to run successfully. For example, most pins of type 'int', 'float' or 'string' have sensible default values, or their value may be edited manually. However, input pins of type 'hvar' – which are typically used to pass maps between filters – have no default value, and cannot be edited manually. These input pins must be connected to another filter's output pin to supply a valid input value.

A filter with no connections will be ignored when running the graph.

Disconnecting filters

To disconnect all the pins on a filter, you may:

  • Select the filter with the left mouse button, then select the 'Filter→Disconnect' menu option, or;
  • Rick-click on the filter, and select the 'Disconnect filter' menu option, or;
  • Select the filter with the left mouse button, then select the 'disconnect filter' toolbar button shown below:

The 'disconnect filter' toolbar button.

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