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Plugin information

Author Aaron
Description Adds functions to filter the attributes map, and also generate alpha maps.
Menu option 'Extensions→atFilterAM'
Download link Included with L3DT.
Source code Over here.

What does it do?

atFilterAM is a calculation plugin that provides methods to merge different land types in the attributes map, or to convert them into alpha layers. Unlike the conventional alpha map generation interface in L3DT, these filters are pre-defined, so you don't need to manually combine layers.

Using atFilterAM



  • Updated to use VarID_hvar instead of VarID_map and VarID_format args.
  • Disabled multi-threading of alpha export function (it didn't work anyway).
  • Updated to Zeolite v2.7.1.


  • Updated to use VarID_ushort for AM pixels, in line with L3DT v2.5.1.12


  • Added UI.
  • Auto-register climates.


  • Released.
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