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Filter layer editor

The filter layer editor allows you to modify filter layers. This dialog box is opened from the filter editor, and looks like this:


For an explanation of how layers work, please consult the quick guide to filters.

Climate and land type

The climate and land type drop-lists allow you to set the desired climate/land type for this filter layer, which is used when filtering the attributes map. The climate/land type selection also determines the type name and texture name reported when generating alpha maps (see here).

Layer strings

The layer strings, are the text strings used to match the filter layer with the attributes map land type. A string such as “grass” will match-up with any land type that has “grass” anywhere in its name. Multiple strings may be used to match with different land types. For example, a layer with strings for “rock”, “pebble” and “cliff” will produce a merged output alpha layer that combines all land types with “rock”, “pebble” or “cliff” in their names.

The wildcard “*” may be used to match the filter layer with any land type in the attributes map. This is typically used for the 'default' filter layer.

Strings are not case sensitive.

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