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The ZeoGraph window menu

The options in the menu of the ZeoGraph window are listed below:

File menu

Menu option What it does
New Clear the existing graph, and create a new empty graph.
Load… Load a graph from a file.
Save Save the current graph.
Save as… Save the current graph to a new file.
Exit Close the ZeoGraph window.

Edit menu

Menu option What it does
Copy Copies the currently selected filter to the clipboard.
Paste Pastes a copy of the last filter added to the clipboard using the copy option.
Copy window to clipboard Copies a screen capture of the current window contents to the Windows clipboard as a bitmap.

Graph menu

Menu option What it does
Run Runs the current graph.
Stop Stops the current graph, if running.

Filter menu

Menu option What it does
Add filter Opens or closes the add filter window.
Options… Opens the filter options window, in which you may edit the currently selected filter's options.
Disable Disables the the currently selected filter, and all downstream filters.
Delete Deletes the currently selected filter.
Disconnect Disconnects all pins on the currently selected filter.
Rename… Allows the user to change the display name of the filter.

Help menu

Menu option What it does
User guide (on-line) Open the ZeoGraph user guide in a web-browser.

Context menu (right click)

If you right-click the mouse within the ZeoGraph window, a context menu will be displayed, containing options specific to the object on which you clicked (i.e. filter, pin, etc.)

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