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L3DT release 2.6

Released on the 18th of October, 2008 (see announcement)

Major features

Improved brush tools

  • Added 'level at' and 'leveller' heightfield brush tools.
  • Attributes and texture map brushes are now available in both 2D and 3D interface.
  • Brush sizes in both 2D and 3D views can now be changed using the mouse scroll-wheel.
  • Updated Sapphire and L3DT userguides for attributes map brush (here and here).
  • Wrote Sapphire and L3DT userguides for texture map brush (here and here).
  • Added radius edit to attributes/texture map brushes, and SetBrushRadius functions to L3DT and Sapphire.
  • Added 'sample' button to attributes/texture map brush tool (it works like an eye-dropper.)
  • Added indexed map brush tool, for painting indexed BYTE/WORD/DWORD maps.
  • Fix pause handling in 'Edit in 3D' menu options for HF, AM and TX.

Improved TGEA support

  • Completed blended terrain support for L3DT to TGEA Altas2 plugin (see here).
  • Add start-to-finish tutorial for TGEA unique and blended terrain (see here).
  • Added 'Atlas' button to toolbar, for direct access to the exporter.
  • Increase size limit in L3DT Standard to 2049×2049 pixels to allow TGEA Atlas2 exports of 2k x 2k pixel heightfields (see this thread).

Improved Spring support

  • Added a Spring Mapping wizard, a matching button on toolbar, and wrote a comprehensive tutorial on how to use them.
  • Added an SD7 importer and exporter.
  • Added a function to auto-calculate team positions from the 'Spring-StartPoints' map.
  • Added an indexed brush tool for grass/patch/geovent/type/feature maps.
  • Added indexed display names for grass/patch/geovent/type/feature maps.
  • Split the feature manager into feature editor and manager windows.
  • Fixed the export of detail/skybox/water texture images in the SMD plugin.
  • Updated all 'Help!' buttons in Spring plugins to point to new/updated pages.

Performance / Multi-threading optimisations

  • Optimised mosaic system for fast multi-threaded calculations — see awesome benchmark figures
  • Optimised mosaic access in texture calculation. — see benchmark figures.
  • Optimised mosaic access in light map calculation. — see benchmark figures.
  • Optimised mosaic access in normal map calculation. — note: calc appears CPU-bound, not I/O-bound.
  • Disabled tile synchronisation by default.

New heightfield algorithms

  • Added a number of different design/inflate algorithms, including:
    • DesignInflate16
    • DesignInflate32
    • DesignInflate64
    • DesignInflate128
  • …plus some changes required for variable design map / heightfield ratios, including:
    • Split 'Design map size' wizard into new 'Heightfield size' wizard and a reduced 'Design map size' wizard.
    • Modified the 'Perlin parameters' wizard to use the new 'heightfield size' wizard.
    • Added DM/HF ratio combo-boxes to:
      • 'Design map size' wizard (see here)
      • 'Import design map' wizard (see here)
      • 'Operations→Design map→Generate from HF' menu option (see here).
      • 'Operations→Design map→Resize DM' menu option (see here).
  • …and accordingly updated the userguides for:

Scripting options

  • Added a new 'scripts' menu, with script manager and editor windows (see here).
  • Allowed user to set preferred script editor.
  • Added Zeolite function explorer option (from atFuncBrowser) to script editor.
  • Fixed the script loader in ZeoScript plugin.
  • Added support for python scripts in menu/edutor, via cdPython plugin by Carl Douglas.
  • Added several demo scripts to the installer.
  • Added 'Completion script' to batch definition file to allow custom post-generation scripting steps in batch generation (e.g. exporting as non-native format.)

OS compatibility

Windows Vista

  • Moved resources to AppData (inc. climates/materials, overlay files, Sapphire stuff, Spring images, etc.)
  • Moved HKCR reg keys to HKCU/disk.
  • Added 'RequestExecutionLevel' flag in installer to request admin privileges when installing.


  • Fixed bump-mapping — now works in Ubuntu 8.04 with L3DT
  • Fixed alpha layer drop selection in alpha wizard — now works in Ubuntu 8.04 with L3DT
  • Fixed climate drop-list in DM wizard — now works in Ubuntu 8.04 with L3DT
  • Disabled ZeoPerfMon_NT plugin by default, and enable when requested by CPU throttle. — fixed in L3DT release

Minor features

User interface

Image drape

  • Added 'image drape' button to toolbar.
  • Added 'map transparency' options to drape controls.
  • Added CCriticalSection to guard drape handle to prevent crashes when clearing drape during drawing.
  • Added 'view.ImageDrape.Load', 'view.ImageDrape.Clear' and 'view.ImageDrape.IsShown' zeofuncs, for scripting control of the image drape.
  • Added 'image drape' button to Spring Mapping wizard.

File I/O

  • Added mesh decimation support to OBJ and X mesh exporters, with Azurite mesh renderer preview option.
  • Changed version of project settings files to '2540', with the following changes:
    • added 'DM.HF_in_DM'
    • changed DM parameters from bytes to ints.
    • moved 'Perlin.nx/ny' to 'HF.nx/ny'
    • added version checker and auto-updater to DEF.XML loader.
    • updated all wizards accordingly.
  • Added ordinal padding for alpha map export (see request).
  • L3DT now recognises '.zs.txt' files as ZeoScript files too, for when they are downloaded from the wiki.

New/improved plugins

Plugin API

  • Made L3DT check plugin-side API version, to ensure that L3DT doesn't try to load plugins compiled with a more recent (i.e. incompatible) API version.
  • … other changes to Zeolite API in v2.6 are documented here.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed handling of slashes at end of string in ZeoScript (e.g. “c:\\hello\\” returns error). — reported by Shima via e-mail.
  • Fixed OnLButtonUp handling in index map brush when using drape (brush was left on sometimes).
  • Fixed crash when double-clicking with attributes map brush.
  • Enabled indexed palettes in standard edition (was disabled by misplaced precompiler guard).
  • Fixed mosaic/multithread concurrent access bugs for TN, LM and TX calculations.
  • Fixed bugs in alpha mapping wizard (see this thread).
  • Auto-delete SD7 archives when overwriting (see this thread).
  • Fixed backup/restore plugin when backing up alpha maps (couldn't find formats).
  • Fixed 'InvertY' option in L3DTio_FI (BMP/JPG/PNG plugin).
  • Fixed crash on exit when errors occurred during initialisation.
  • Fixed forced shutdown/restart handler.
  • Fixed random numerical instability in peak/fractal roughness generator for design map. — reported by Leon via e-mail.
  • Fixed (mostly) the deep-digging by the erosion routine on some maps. — reported by Leon via e-mail and Fusi in the forums.
  • Made non-threaded progress bar process message queue properly.


  • Recompiled in VC9, and fixed some resulting bugs:
    • Fixed size of code type selection combo box in activation dialog.
    • Fixed activation date handling (was causing exception).
  • Revised/re-wrote L3DT codebase to better resemble Zeolite API (e.g. VarList methods.)
  • Added 'Settings→Load patch file' menu option.
  • Added calcman.AddCallback function to set OnComplete callbacks for calculation manager (used by atNetClient et al.)


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