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CExtAPI is the 'core' class of the Zeolite extension API, through which all API function calls are ultimately made.

The CExtAPI class was removed from the Zeolite plugin API with v2.9.6 (March 2011), and was replaced by a corresponding set of functions in the Zeolite.h/cpp files, as described on the function reference page.


Declaration ExtAPI.h
Implementation ExtAPI.cpp

Member data

CExtAPI contains no public data.

Member functions

Core API functions

Variable functions

Variable type functions

String functions

List functions

Map functions

Initialisation / destruction

Map dimensions / scaling

Pixel / memory access

Settings and flags

File input / output

Mipmap functions

Misc. mosaic functions

Mosaic tile functions

File format functions

ZeoFunc functions

Buffer functions

Progress box functions

FileSelector dialog functions

DirSelector dialog functions

ComboSelector dialog functions

Project functions

View functions

Menu functions

Script functions

File helper functions

Base class

CExtAPI has no base class.

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